New Priorities

Right now, I need to completely focus on finding a job, so the Arizona posts are going to have to wait. It takes a lot of time to rewrite the stuff I have in my journal, so I’m going to put that off for now. Besides that, I have a lot of interesting things happening right now.

I went for an interview today at a barn in Lyndhurst and came away feeling insulted. They were offering $7 per hour for an experience required position. I started at $7 and I didn’t have any experience when I went to the Knutsens. I can’t afford to pay my bills with that little money. And the older man that was there asked how long I’d been riding and when I told him a year and a half, he assumed that meant I couldn’t ride at all. Fine, I don’t ride well and probably not as well as he wants, but don’t say I can’t ride. Oh well. It was a long drive.

This weekend, I’m going with Tony to Washington, D.C. for the flower show. I’m looking forward to that, even though I’m not sure what to expect.

I guess that’s all the news here. I’ll be signing off now, as I have more things I need to try to accomplish.


A Different Sort of Wedding

I’ve not recently been to an outdoor wedding, if ever at all. Things were definitely not what I was expecting. Mom, Jean, and I all got there about the time Christy’s wedding was supposed to start (we got a little lost…it wasn’t on purpose) and people still weren’t ready. I suppose given my family, I should’ve been expecting something like that (we aren’t exactly what one would call formal). At any rate, time moves on and everyone eventually settled in so the wedding could start.

The groom and all his men were waiting at the front (there were four or five, I forget how many), just like normal. There was a marriage officer type person (I don’t know what she was) also. Down the aisle came the bride’s maids (one of whom was one of Christy’s daughters), then the flower girl (my Christy”s second daughter) and the two ring bearers (one of whom was my Christy’s son). Christy came last, of course, with her father, I suppose (I think the man I refer to as my uncle is her stepfather).

I was amazed when the lady conducting the service was nearly impossible to hear. If one didn’t know anything about weddings, one would be completely and totally lost. As it was, all I really could pay attention to was the motions (and possibly emotions), which were intriguing in themselves. Joe, the boy that Christy was marrying, was quite emotional. Surprisingly so since he is a boy (and most of the boys I know tend to not show emotion) and he is one of those boys that poses as even tougher than the rest of the crowd.

I suppose mostly, the informality of it all was what surprised me most. Overall, it wasn’t a bad wedding; certainly, it wasn’t what I was expecting, but you can’t really say that the unexpected is always bad.

Lack of Something

I’m not sure what the something is, but I don’t really feel like writing a post today, so I’m not going to. :) I’m trying new things for work and I’m kind of working on something that has to be done by Monday (a story of sorts). So right now, I’m just not in the mood, I guess. If I get there, I’ll post something, but no promises.

If you want, when I get done writing my story, I’ll post it, though. Or put it somewhere with a link to it as it might be a little long.

Normal Day on the O RO, Birthdays, and Falls (July 15-26,2005)

For a while, there wasn’t a lot going on other than work (which was the reason I was at the ranch). Even though it wasn’t all new and exciting and stuff, it was something that has been useful to me, even now. Nina taught me about working with the fillies and I managed to gain a little bit of their trust over the two months I was there. She also taught me how to round pen and had me do that regularly with the three studs. They weren’t very excitable compared to some I’ve seen, so I didn’t learn a lot about working with stallions, but it is a good base. She took me riding with her just about every day and taught me quite a bit about riding a horse. Occasionally, we’d go out and check the yearlings or one of the mare bands or something. Every day was new, but held a familiar rhythm.

Monday I went riding with the Family and the guests. I think Nina might have been in town or something. Anyway, Aunt Jane took us on what they call the “First Day Loop.” It’s not very long and kind of lets people get into the riding thing. Aunt Jane asked if we wanted to trot (apparently she’d decided that the guests were good enough riders for that) and they all agreed, so she went off and marked the end and we trotted across one at a time. Eventually it came around to Katherine, whose horse found something to spook and threw her. Amazingly enough, she landed on her feet, but it really shook her. In the end, she ended up taking Daniel’s horse and he rode her horse back to the tack-house.

Monday was Dad’s birthday, so I called to wish him a happy one (with greetings passed on from Aunt Jane and her family). It was one of those special occasions when you got to talk on the phone just a little over the five minute limit (just ’cause it’s a special occasion doesn’t mean the phone won’t go out). Anyway, it was nice to get to wish him a happy birthday.