My One Room Note House

My first apartment. It takes some getting used to. Looking for a place, actually finding it and getting all the paperwork figured out, moving in, actually living here. Thinking about the place as being mine hasn’t been too hard. Thinking of it as home isn’t easy. I suppose it’ll just take living in to make it feel like home.

House searching is harder than I expected. It’s not just window shopping. That part’s easy. It’s the going to look, remembering all the right questions to ask, and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the various places that gets to be tedious. But I’ve never been much of a shopper, so I guess I’m not a good one to ask if you want that perspective.

Then comes the paperwork. My apartment, the people were using things they’d found online, so not everything applied to me. The application wasn’t too bad – there aren’t many questions that big companies ask that private owners aren’t going to want to know the answer to as well. The contract was a little more tricky. I got it one day and took it home to look at and take back two days later with all the changes I wanted to make marked on it. Things like lawn care were on the contract, but excluded from our agreement (he’s a live-in landlord).

Moving in was a challenge. Since my truck broke, I didn’t have any way to move my big stuff (my bike, desk, etc). I didn’t get that stuff until a couple of days later when Tony came to help me. Even though I couldn’t move my big stuff, I got most of the rest of my stuff in Mom’s car when I went the first day. Staying the first night in my new apartment was a little scary, but exhilarating at the same time.

The housework isn’t my favorite, but given the privacy I have there and the freedom, I’ll take that trade. Given the little time that I am there, I can’t really complain about the housework either. I don’t stay there enough to make a mess. To be perfectly honest, I’ve not been there enough to clean up the mess I made moving in. I’ll get to it someday, I guess.


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