A Matter of Opinion

Chevrolet Blazer. Toyota Celica. I know, I know. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. They compete in different circles. One is made to be strong and the other is made to be fast. But that’s okay. I’ve had both. And I love them both. They are different and they are wonderful in their differences.

Gas. This is where the Celica beats the Blazer easily. Even though I have a GT-S and have to put premium fuel in my car now, I can get a tankful of gas cheaper and it lasts about as long as if I were driving my truck.

Transmission. I have really enjoyed having the manual transmission in my car. Though my truck was fun to drive, the challenge and thrill that I get from having to change my own gears is something that you can’t find anywhere else.

Noise. Though my car isn’t exactly quiet, the deep rumble of my truck is something I’ve not found anywhere except in a truck. My car is more of a deep whine than a rumble. It’s a nice sound, but not comparable.

Height. This is where my car is most lacking. It’s like you’re staring speed bumps in the eye. Instead of speeding up to go over them like I used to, I have to go over them at 1 mph. *sigh* I can’t take my car four-wheeling. I can’t take it fishing with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Rooster. I can’t pull Dad’s truck to make it start. Everyone gets to look down at me rather than me looking down at them.

Appeal. My truck seems to have gotten people around Mom and Dad’s house to take me seriously. I drove to the school last week and though I waved to people just as much as ever, but I think only one or two people waved back. When I drove my truck, nearly everyone I waved at would respond in some way. On the other hand, people like Tony really like my car.

I suppose it’s all just comes down to the fact that it’s all just a matter of opinion.


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