The Daily Progress Update

I went to The Daily Progress today to make sure that Ms. Jane Sickon, the lady I was supposed to get in touch with about the job I applied for there, got my cover letter and resume. It made me realize just how little I know about all this job stuff. I got there and couldn’t manage to coherently ask the lady at the front desk how to say Ms. Sickon’s name. Then she asked if I wanted to speak with her, so I stuttered, “Sure.” I figured it would save me from having to call her. So Ms. Sickon came out, I introduced myself, said that I was there to make sure she’d gotten my resume and cover letter. She said yes, but they are changing the job description and she’d get back to me when they got it all organized. I said thank you and she said thank you and I left, but it didn’t feel right. Like she wasn’t expecting me to leave yet, but I didn’t know what to say and I feel like I really messed up that part. Actually the whole thing. I suppose I’ll live and I hope I’ll learn, but it’s really embarrassing.


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