Easter Events

Saturday: Okay, I know it wasn’t really Easter, but it was an Easter party. My dad’s mom (Nana) had a party at her house and a lot of my dad’s family was there. It started at five and didn’t end until about nine. Defintely a long party, but it was fun. A few of us played hide-and-seek in the cold until one of my aunts decided it was time to stop. Lots of food, company, and fun. I got to show off my car, which, of course, made me happy. I left at the same time as the aunt that lives in town, so she asked if I could take someone in my car with me. Not thinking about the fact that I might have to wait at their house for them to get there, I agreed. I had told Tony that I’d stop by his house before I went home too, but it ended up being way later than I expected. He said it was okay, but I felt bad for messing up his sleep like that.

Sunday: After church (which started at 7:45), Tony, David, and I took my car up to Tony’s parents’ house. They had invited me for Easter dinner (Tony and David would have gone without me, if I hadn’t been, in their own car of course). We got up to their house and had some very good breakfast. Shortly after that, Tony took his dad (Mr. Aiello) for a drive in my car (I rode in the back and decided that the back of a Celica GT-S is not an enviable place to be) and even let him drive. When we got back, Tony’s dad and brother went to get Mr. Aiello’s college friend, while Tony and I went to get Tony’s grandmother. Because we’d brought my car and not Tony’s car and that would be kind of hard for Tony’s grandmother to ride in, we took his parents’ Camry. But it’s an automatic and Tony said he hasn’t driven one since November of last year. He was looking for the clutch and trying to shift every time we stopped, it seemed. It was really amusing, but it wasn’t really fair of me to laugh, as I’d be doing the same thing. As proof, I didn’t even notice some of the times he did it. It just seemed natural. So we got his grandmother, his dad arrived shortly after we returned. After some conversation, we moved on to dinner and playing Spades. Tony’s dad’s friend Mr. Ryan was a really good card player. As I was sitting at his right, his playing style challenged my way of thinking about the way I play my cards. I think it might have been good and it definitely was fun. One game went by and Mr. Ryan decided it was time for him to go home, so Mr. Aiello and David took him home while Mrs. Aiello (Tony’s mom), Tony’s grandmother, Tony, and I played another game of Spades. It started off that Mrs. Aiello and Tony’s grandmother (who were on a team) were beating Tony and myself, but in the end we won. That was also a very interesting game. At one point there were two nils (on opposing teams) and I ended up collecting about six bags because I didn’t bid high enough. One hand after Tony lost his nil bid, he said he wanted to go double nil and we ended up taking that one because he had a really good hand for losing. At the conclusion of the game, Tony’s grandmother expressed an interest in leaving, so Tony and I took her home. When we got back, we had dinner, then collected our things as it was our turn to say our goodbyes.

All in all, Easter was a very interesting holiday.

P.S. Sorry for the bad writing. I’m really bad at this kind. :( Maybe a better one another day. Also, my apologies for not writing yesterday.


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