The "Horrors" of DMV

I don’t know how many people have heard it or said this: “DMV is the worst place to have to go. Schedule a couple of hours when you have to go in there.” Of course, these people all have “normal” jobs which means they probably have to go when everyone else does. At any rate, I went between three and four o’clock yesterday to get my license plates transferred and based on all the stories I’d heard, I was expecting to be in there a while. What really happened was a totally different story.

I got there, stood in line for my number for about 5 minutes, maybe not even that. I got my paperwork, sat down, and filled it out. I wrote about four sentences in a letter to one of my friends, and my number was called. I went up to the counter, took care of my business, and I was done within 45 minutes. Of course, shortly after I sat down, the line to get a number grew tremendously and those people were waiting for quite a while, so I suppose I should mention that.

The worst thing about the whole deal was the layout of the parking lot. I did a U-turn at a stoplight, only to find out that I could’ve taken a left and gotten there just as easily. I tried to go in the out only driveway and when I got to the entrance, I thought it was an exit because they had one of those arrow lines on the pavement pointing out. But honestly, even that wasn’t so bad.


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