Walking in the Dark (July 6, 2005)

Wednesday, I got two pieces of mail, which is really exciting on the ranch, as there is a five minute limit on phone conversations, no e-mail, and mail every other day. At any rate, one was a postcard from my mom from New York City where she and my sister were on a missions trip with our church. She wrote that she’d gotten to be on one of the morning news shows with some other people in the group. The other was a postcard from Tony telling a little about being in Japan.

After dinner, Johanna, Eleena, and I went for a walk. James typically made dinner a little late and there was usually a big mess to clean up. I think this night, the mess might have been a little larger than normal or else dinner was later than normal. At any rate, we left later than usual, as walking had become somewhat of a habit for the three of us. By the time we walked the mile down to headquarters, it was getting really dark, so we walked over to the bunkhouse, hoping that Jimmy, Kyle, or Spider (who was up from Mahon gentling a colt to take back) would give us a ride back to the house. We’d heard that there were mountain lions around and it was dangerous to walk after dark. George and Caroline, the couple that introduced Eleena and Johanna to the ranch were in town for the night. As we crossed the cattle guard at the top of the hill overlooking the bunkhouse, Eleena asked, “Do you suppose Spider will think we’re creeping around and get out his gun and shoot us?” Johanna and I had a good laugh at that and we’ve never let her forget it.

When we got to the bunkhouse, we didn’t see anyone and it was dark, so we kind of wandered around, not sure what to do when a good-sized man came out of the bunk house. We asked if anyone was there and he said yes and asked what we needed. Eleena explained our situation and he took us back to the house in his little Blazer. We were glad for the ride, but even though we were over an hour out of the closest town, I at least, was a little worried about going with him. We got back to the house safe and sound only to find out that Aunt Jane had just been about to send someone out in the truck looking for us. We learned after that to be more serious about judging the time we had before we had to head back to the house.


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