Lack of Power, Changing Horses (July 7-8, 2005)

Thursday night, as I was in bed, writing letters to keep people semi-up-to-date on my adventures on the ranch. Around 9:15, the power went out. The ranch isn’t on the national power grid; the electricity is all produced by generators the size of rather large tractors (two up by the main house and a couple near the bunkhouse). As I was writing, I noticed the lights growing dimmer. I took a few seconds to wonder what was going on, but when I realized the lights weren’t just dimming a little, I hurried for my flashlight. But I wasn’t in time. The lights were out and I found that my flashlight didn’t have any batteries in it. Luckily, I knew generally where they were, so my hand fumbled in the general direction until I found them. Once that problem was fixed, I went back to my bed, and tried to finish writing my letters. Aunt Jane came over and knocked on my door to make sure I was okay and she was going to offer me a flashlight, but when she realized I had one and I assured her I was fine, she went back to the house.

Friday, Preacher and I were relieved of each other. Nina and I took Preacher down to the tack house to put him out with the rest of the guest horses, and brought back Patches, a big palomino with a huge white spot on his ribs. I thought when I rode him the first time that he’d stay off the rear-end of the horses Nina rode, but it turned out I was wrong. Must have been something about the geldings and the mare Nina usually rode. Whatever the case, Patches wasn’t much better and we had to learn about reining together (I had to learn his way and he had to deal with me while I was learning). Overall, we got along fairly well that summer.

I went to town on Friday (I don’t remember why), but on the way back, I had just gotten to the dirt (about halfway to the ranch), when I came up on a man walking down the road in the same direction as me. Just as I drove past, he turned and blew a kiss at the truck. I’m not sure he knew I was a girl, but it was creepy at any rate. Especially since he made me think of Johnny Depp’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean.


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