Lost and Branding (July 11-12, 2005)

Sunday, I went to Prescott for church. I had gone the previous week with Johanna and Eleena and decided their church wasn’t for me. I had already figured out what church I wanted to go to and I thought I knew where it was, but I couldn’t manage to find my way from their church (I went for Sunday School all summer) to the one I wanted to go to for church. I had plenty of time if I had known where I was going, but it turned out I didn’t. I was all dressed up and wandering around town. I ended up stopping at a gas station, where there was a whole bunch of Corvettes that had stopped. I managed to snap a picture before they left, but they didn’t stick around long. (I’m not as cool as Tony, who has a digital camera and can put his pictures on his blog. Sorry.) That church had two “campuses,” so when I couldn’t find the one I was looking for, I drove for the other one in the nearby town of Prescott Valley to find that campus. By the time I got there, the service was 15 minutes from over, so I didn’t go in, but at least I knew where it was. On the way back to the ranch, I passed the church that I’d been looking for in Prescott and it was only about 2 minutes away from where I had stopped looking for it. It really irritated me. In the end it all worked out, though, as the campus I managed to find the first time I went looking for it was the one that had the live service; the other campus had a video recording from the campus I went to.

Monday while I was spared the mucking of one of the sections of the corral as the cowboys were branding some of the straggling cattle and Aunt Jane and some of her family had come to help and watch. Barry, one of the cowboys from one of the camps, and Ryan were roping, while Wayne ran the iron for a while, then passed it on to Daniel. Aunt Jane and Jimmy ended up helping for a while too. Barry and Ryan would get one rope around the cow’s neck and one around his hind feet, while Wayne ran around and pulled the cow over to place the iron on the cow’s hip. It seemed like it was a lot easier for Wayne to brand when Daniel was doing the running, and all Wayne had to do was make the mark. While I was upwind of the branding, it wasn’t too bad; I could smell some of what they were doing, but it wasn’t unbearable. Once I got on the downwind side of them, though, I started wanting to gag.


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