Intruder? and Conversation (July 13-14, 2005)

Wednesday night, I was in bed, getting ready to go to sleep when I heard the screen door of my little apartment rattling. I figured it was just an animal that had brushed up against the door. Thursday, I was talking to Johanna and Eleena and they asked if I’d heard anything the night before. When I told them about my door rattling, they said someone had been prying around their apartment and had even tried to get in. When I first got to the ranch, Aunt Jane told me to lock my door when I went to bed. It seemed kind of weird, but I did it. Wednesday night I’d been considering leaving the door open, but after that, I faithfully locked the door. Johanna and Eleena thought it might be Jack and Daniel just being boys and pulling pranks on us, but they didn’t count out the chance that it might be a real intruder. Caroline, the lady who suggested that they work on the ranch over the summer, said it was likely just a wild pig rooting around. All the talk kind of creeped me out and for a while, I thought about calling Dad to come and get me, but in the end, I decided to tough it out.

Thursday, Dave, Nina, and Wayne took some cows to town for a clinic that one of the ranches was holding. Dave, Nina, and Kyle were going to go and the ranch was supplying some of the cattle. Jimmy didn’t go and at lunch time, he came over while I ate and he talked and made jokes and I listened. He said something about maybe I could write to his daughter, but he never ended up giving me an address and after I left that summer, I never heard from him again. After I left, I wrote to Johanna and she said she’d seen him walking on the side of the road, but didn’t realize it was him because she thought he was still on the ranch. That’s the last I’ve heard of him, which seems weird to me, but not totally out of character.


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