Normal Day on the O RO, Birthdays, and Falls (July 15-26,2005)

For a while, there wasn’t a lot going on other than work (which was the reason I was at the ranch). Even though it wasn’t all new and exciting and stuff, it was something that has been useful to me, even now. Nina taught me about working with the fillies and I managed to gain a little bit of their trust over the two months I was there. She also taught me how to round pen and had me do that regularly with the three studs. They weren’t very excitable compared to some I’ve seen, so I didn’t learn a lot about working with stallions, but it is a good base. She took me riding with her just about every day and taught me quite a bit about riding a horse. Occasionally, we’d go out and check the yearlings or one of the mare bands or something. Every day was new, but held a familiar rhythm.

Monday I went riding with the Family and the guests. I think Nina might have been in town or something. Anyway, Aunt Jane took us on what they call the “First Day Loop.” It’s not very long and kind of lets people get into the riding thing. Aunt Jane asked if we wanted to trot (apparently she’d decided that the guests were good enough riders for that) and they all agreed, so she went off and marked the end and we trotted across one at a time. Eventually it came around to Katherine, whose horse found something to spook and threw her. Amazingly enough, she landed on her feet, but it really shook her. In the end, she ended up taking Daniel’s horse and he rode her horse back to the tack-house.

Monday was Dad’s birthday, so I called to wish him a happy one (with greetings passed on from Aunt Jane and her family). It was one of those special occasions when you got to talk on the phone just a little over the five minute limit (just ’cause it’s a special occasion doesn’t mean the phone won’t go out). Anyway, it was nice to get to wish him a happy birthday.


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