A Different Sort of Wedding

I’ve not recently been to an outdoor wedding, if ever at all. Things were definitely not what I was expecting. Mom, Jean, and I all got there about the time Christy’s wedding was supposed to start (we got a little lost…it wasn’t on purpose) and people still weren’t ready. I suppose given my family, I should’ve been expecting something like that (we aren’t exactly what one would call formal). At any rate, time moves on and everyone eventually settled in so the wedding could start.

The groom and all his men were waiting at the front (there were four or five, I forget how many), just like normal. There was a marriage officer type person (I don’t know what she was) also. Down the aisle came the bride’s maids (one of whom was one of Christy’s daughters), then the flower girl (my Christy”s second daughter) and the two ring bearers (one of whom was my Christy’s son). Christy came last, of course, with her father, I suppose (I think the man I refer to as my uncle is her stepfather).

I was amazed when the lady conducting the service was nearly impossible to hear. If one didn’t know anything about weddings, one would be completely and totally lost. As it was, all I really could pay attention to was the motions (and possibly emotions), which were intriguing in themselves. Joe, the boy that Christy was marrying, was quite emotional. Surprisingly so since he is a boy (and most of the boys I know tend to not show emotion) and he is one of those boys that poses as even tougher than the rest of the crowd.

I suppose mostly, the informality of it all was what surprised me most. Overall, it wasn’t a bad wedding; certainly, it wasn’t what I was expecting, but you can’t really say that the unexpected is always bad.


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