New People

I’m not much of a people person, so when a new person comes around, it’s hard for me to feel comfortable for quite a while. And lately there have been a lot of new people. The whole job search, finally getting a job, learning about the job, and the fact that I’m not the only new face while having quite a bit of responsibility has led to my having to talk to a lot of new people. Not only that, but Patrick, Tony’s friend, has moved in with him for the next couple of weeks while he’s in between houses.

I pay Tony for dinner and I really like his company, so I go over there to eat. The only catch is, Patrick is there too. For the last couple of days it’s been really uncomfortable, but the last two nights we’ve been playing Spades. Tony and David were on a team and Patrick and I played together. I think we play pretty well together (we didn’t do too badly except on the first game, but I think that was mostly my fault), but that’s not the point. The point is, he’s not so scary anymore.

At work, Patience, my boss, had a girl come yesterday for an interview. Of course, the girl came into the barn first, but Patience was out at the ring teaching. So Ashley (the new girl) came in to the barn and I made myself introduce myself because I remembered the first couple of days, no one introduced themselves – they just assumed I knew who was who, I guess. The point here is not that I was so good and introduced myself; the point is, I feel like these things are coming easier, and it makes my life a lot easier in the process. Which, as Tony would say, is a Good Thing (see here).


Silly Horse (Or is it Silly Me?)

I’m working at a dressage barn for right now (I’m on a two week trial period). There is a Quarter Horse/Morgan cross there named Moo. For the first couple of days, we got along just fine. One day, while there was nothing for me to do, I was standing at his stall, keeping him company while he dozed. Then, when he fully awoke, he decided I was evil and he started freaking out and pinning his ears at me and acting like he wanted to attack me. Now, any time I want to do something in his stall, he acts like that unless I feed him first. I don’t understand what happened. I guess my point is, if anyone has any suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them.

Goodbye Lady

This morning at church, Mom told me that Lady, my dog has been missing for about a week and a half. Gathering from her age and other things, I think she wandered off to die. It’s not really too sad. I’ve had her for a long time and she was a good dog, but it was about her time.

Tony’s New Toy

We all know the saying “Boys and their toys.” Tony’s got a new toy. Well, actually, the papers say it’s not a toy, but it’s his toy, so I guess we can call it a toy. Whatever. Aside from the technicalities, it’s his new toy. Are you all wondering what it is? Should I tell you? I guess after all this suspense. I guess if you look in the picture to the right, you can tell, but I’ll tell you anyway. It’s a remote controlled helicopter. The way he’s looking at it, you’d think it was a puzzle or something, right?

This is what it looks like. Kind of cool. At this point, it’s in the air and the rotors are turning, but his other toys (a camera and flash) are so fast, you can’t even tell. I can’t, anyway. Other than the fact that the floor is out of focus. The battery only lasts 15 minutes per charge and it takes an hour and a half to charge it, but the excitement coming from both him and David makes all the waiting worth it. He offered to let me fly it, but I haven’t yet. I’m pretty intimidated. Tony’s really smart and it’s taken him two charges to figure out a lot of the simple stuff (like how to get it to hover in place). He says it’s not as easy as it looks. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll still be too chicken.