The First May Birthday

Tonight was Nana’s birthday party (as I already mentioned). It went really well, I thought. I rode out with Aunt Denise (saved me gas and gave me company). Anyway, the ride out, Marlena and Brandon (my cousins) were reading jokes from a book Marlena has.

We got to Nana’s house and I asked Mom if it was allowed to give birthday presents (at Christmas, personal presents are outlawed so as to prevent the competing and stuff that sometimes takes place…always feeling like you have to do as well as or better than some other family). Getting back to the subject, Mom said it was okay, as long as I didn’t make a big deal about it (which suited me just fine). I took my present to her and she got really excited about it and made a big deal…bigger than I was expecting from what Mom said. Anyway, I guess I was glad to know that she liked it. Since it was kind of arrogant (I gave her a framed picture of myself because she’d seen one that Aunt Denise had and complained that I’d not given her one).

Dinner was a while in coming, and while we were waiting, Aunt Denise, Aunt Darleen, Nana, and I had one of the strangest conversations I think I’ve ever been involved in. Aunt Denise had on white socks and Aunt Darleen said she didn’t like white socks because they get dirty so easily. Aunt Denise said she likes white socks and Nana said she likes white socks with the grey bottoms. Of course, I had to put in my two cents and say I like white socks. In the end, I think we all agreed to disagree.

Dinner was good, but the walk afterwards that Aunt Darleen and I went on was even better. Aunt Darleen said she was gonna go look for some slimy things for Marlena to take to school with her for a couple of days (frogs, lizards, salamanders, whatever). Anyway, while we walked, we talked about various things. Some of those things were serious and some of them were more light-hearted, but overall, it was a nice walk. At one point, she asked if I could balance on a log and I answered that I could if I took my shoes off, so I proceeded to do so and show her. When I got done showing off, she sat down on the log and when the log started to break, she figured it wouldn’t do much more, but she was wrong and ended up falling on the ground. Fortunately, it wasn’t too bad and we carried on (I didn’t put my shoes back on the rest of the night).

After we got back, Amy (another cousin) served Nana her cake and we all sang, had cake, and pretty much right after that, people started filtering out.

I really like going to dad’s family’s get-togethers – they’re short, sweet, and to the point. Then we all go home and look forward to someone else’s birthday.


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