Grand Canyon (July 26, 2005)

Monday, I went with the Family and the guests to the Grand Canyon. The adventures started almost immediately. About halfway to Williams (where we were going to catch the train), one of the Suburbans (we took two) started overheating. So we pulled both vehicles to the side of the road, where we managed to get most people (13 of us) into one vehicle and left Uncle Larry and one of the guests with the broken Suburban, while the rest of us went on. We were hoping that the two we left behind could catch the train too, but we weren’t sure there would be time.

Once on the train, everyone settled into the restored Pullman. I don’t really remember what happened with the people that got left behind and Aunt Jane, who went back to pick them up, but we all got to the rim, Uncle Larry and someone else arriving shortly after the rest of us (they got there too late for the train we were on, but were put on the next train). We wandered around for a while, sticking to the rim, then took the train back in the afternoon.

On the return trip, the railroad likes to re-enact a train robbery, so the train was stopped and “bandits” boarded, asking for valuables. This was a chance for people to give the railroad in general some kind of a tip (rather than one of the actors or something). Of course, this wasn’t the only entertainment on the trip – on the way to the canyon, there was a fiddler and on the way back, there was a guitarist.

The mechanic that looked at the broken suburban while we were gone said that the truck likely got stuck in four-wheel drive, which made it overheat. In all honesty, I don’t even remember how we got it or ourselves back to the ranch. Any way we went about it, it happened and it wasn’t that big of a deal.


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