Re: Job News

This morning (10 am), I had an appointment with Student Moving Services about a job. Paul, the man I talked to, was very nice, but almost seemed as if he thought I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. After he did his whole thing about it being a manual job (the lady who called and set up the appointment made sure I knew what I was getting into too). I suppose it’s a good thing, just in case I thought I was getting into a job to manicure the people’s nails while they were waiting for their stuff to be moved. *grin* Anyway, that went well and at the end, he gave me his card and said to call by Monday about whether or not I was interested in the job. It turns out that the pay isn’t actually $11.00, but $8.50 that you get up front and up to $2.00 an hour at the end of the job if you don’t break anything or get there late or refuse to wear their uniforms or something. He said, though, that people are welcome to ask for raises and if you don’t deserve it, he’ll give you a list of things to work on to get a raise.

I had another interview at noon at a dressage barn about 20 minutes away. That went really well, I thought. I can get up to 25 hours a week doing regular work, but I was told that there are other jobs that can be done to up the number of hours I’m working. She’s offering better pay and a more appealing job. I think there are other part time jobs that I can get to make up the time, so I’m hoping she says she wants me and that I can find another part-time job in the afternoon. We’ll see how it works out though. She wanted some references, so I’m supposing she’ll follow up on those first.


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