Mother’s Day Plans (or Feeling Like a Ghost)

Tony went home this morning for Mother’s Day and is staying there until tomorrow sometime (at which point, I’ll be at home). Since he’s feeding me and I felt like more privacy, I’m at his house and it’s really empty without him and/or David here. I never realized how loud we all are until I was here by myself the first time.

I really do feel like a ghost. Everything is so quiet and I kind of creep around. Right now, all I can hear is the clacking of the keys on my computer and the humming of the refrigerator. Last time, it was kind of creepy, but now it’s kind of a familiar quiet and to be perfectly honest, it’s kind of nice. I’m not saying I want them to go away every weekend or something, but the quiet of the whole house being mine to enjoy…I can’t really say I’m complaining.

Tomorrow I’m going home (to my parents’ house) for Mother’s Day. Dad’s doing a cookout (*excitement*) and Nana and Mom are going to be there. There might be other people, but I don’t really know. That’s all Dad knew about when I talked to him yesterday. Anyway, I’m looking forward to being out of town again and the fire I’m expecting will be there. If there’s not a fire, I’m sure I can convince someone to let me make one. :)


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