I never thought I’d be much into dressage; however, it looks like over the next two weeks at least, I’ll have plenty of time to become acquainted with that way of riding. I was offered a two week trial time of work at a dressage barn in Keswick. Now all I have to do is find another job to supplement that income and I’ll be set.

The barn is a fairly small, but very nice place set back away from any major roads in Keswick. The lady who owns the barn focuses on training, but allows the horses she is training to be boarded at her barn. She said just plain boarding doesn’t bring in enough money. Whatever the case may be, she caters to a higher level of quality than most people and is expecting me to maintain that level of quality. I think it will be an interesting challenge…especially with the added responsibility (it looks like I’ll be making schedules and keeping track of levels of various important things like sawdust and hay).


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