Muck a Paddock?

I used to wonder sometimes what things would look like if people mucked their pastures. Today I found out. The stud paddock is probably 1-2 acres. I’m not really good at judging size, so I might be wrong. At any rate, I hate trying to pick manure out from in the grass because the grass doesn’t come up very easily and I don’t think Patience, my boss, would be very happy with me if I pulled up all her grass when she only told me to get up the manure. So I started on the paddock thinking it wouldn’t take very long. It’s not that big and it didn’t look as dirty as some I’ve seen. It took me over two hours and two trips to the manure pile with the Mule (see Acclimation). It was like cleaning the corrals in Arizona, but a lot more work because of the grass. Not something I want to do very often, but now it’s done, and I got paid for it.

The reasoning? At school, Vicki, one of my teachers, said that dragging a paddock is a good idea to get rid of the parasites that live in manure. This pasture is shaped a little strangely, so I don’t know that dragging it is really an option. Anyway, I think the reason I was picking the paddock was to keep the parasites down. If I’m wrong, I don’t know why I did it, but I don’t know that I really care.



In the last couple of days, I think I’ve learned a lot. Tomorrow I’m having my first go at doing the morning routine alone. I’m fairly confident that I can do it. Even if I can’t, my boss told me she’ll be up at the house if I have any questions. I did most of the feeding this morning (Tara helped when I asked her questions). I think I’ll be fine. In fact, I’m looking forward to the work. My least favorite part of my job is when I don’t have anything to do.

Today was no different from any other day except that things went much more smoothly. I wasn’t constantly having to ask what I needed to do. That made me really happy.

Gave Dakini a bath today and got soaked. Other than the fact that my feet were soaked when I got home, it was a lot of fun. I think that was all the “excitement” for the day. Tony got more excited about the fact that I get to drive the Mule around.

What’s Normal?

Yesterday was my first day of work. Shortly after I arrived, I was informed that the next few days were going to be a little crazy, as there was new fence being put in and a barn was to arrive shortly (as in today). In spite of that, I met one of the girls who does mornings, the two people that take lessons at the barn, and the girl who rides with Patience (my boss) and learned most of what I was to do during the day. Yesterday was kind of boring because I felt like I had to wait around for people to tell me what to do, while today, I was much more confident and after about 8:15, started finding things that needed to be done (when I wasn’t doing something someone specifically wanted done.

Mostly, once the feeding is done, I pick out stalls periodically, sweep the aisle-way, and give out hay as the horses eat it (they are given as much hay as they want to eat; their grain is strictly rationed).

Yesterday was not as nice as today simply because I felt like I was constantly busy today. I’m hoping “normal” days aren’t too “normal.” I’m ready to work.