Olympic Vet

When Patience told me the vet that works with the horses that compete in the Olympics was coming, I didn’t really know what to expect. She said he was a busy man and that pretty much everything gets dropped to do what needs to be done for him so he can go on his way. When he arrived 30 minutes early and nothing was ready, I think people kind of panicked, but better than that, I think we did a decent job of collecting all the horses we needed (they all were out since they were kept in last night because of the threat of storms) and getting them ready.

For a while, he was just a face and a name with an impressive title. I didn’t really do much to help them because there were already three people there other than the vet. At any rate, I was hauling (in a wheelbarrow) some sawdust/shavings/whatever horse people want to call the stuff into one of the stalls. The pile of shavings are outside the barn and the bump to get into the barn is pretty impressive. Usually, we put down a board to make the bump not as extreme, but I’d forgotten. I tried to go over anyway, just to see what would happen and made a mess. So I thought maybe if I turned around, I’d make it through without too much of a mess. The vet was coming from his truck and right about the time I turned the wheelbarrow around, he said he’d help me. I didn’t hear him before I achieved success, but that offer of help did more than anything else to make me respect him.

Patience and Anna were both impressed, I think, but for a different reason. They seem to think he’s a good vet. I don’t really know anything about vets, but for him to be a part of the Olympics, I’d say that’s a pretty good bet.


Summer Plans

Looks like I’ll get to go back to Arizona this summer. Not for two months, like the last couple of years, but a week. A week isn’t really a long time to be out there, but that’s all the time Tony can take off and that’s all the time I’m willing to take off. More time than I can afford to take off, but it’s the ranch, after all! I’m so excited.

In the nearer future (as in next week) Tony, David, and I are going up to the National Cathedral for the fireworks show (I think). It took some work getting all the replacement people (people to fill in for me while I’m gone), but I’m going and I’m looking forward to it. I think I’ll be hiding my ears in my hands (I don’t like loud noises), but the lights will be, as one of my friends from school says “pwetty.”

Rion’s Dilemma

Today was just another Wednesday until I went back to work for my afternoon “shift.” I was getting ready to put Rion out, but I noticed he had a really hard time walking as his left hind leg was stuck out behind him. I called up to Patience and she came down to take a look. Fortunately, she knew right away what the problem was: his patella was sticking. I don’t really know what that means, but I think it’s something kind of like your kneecap getting stuck so you can’t move your leg. Anyway, she called the vet, who said to give him two grams of bute, keep him in overnight, and call again in the morning to schedule an appointment since it wasn’t technically an emergency. It was really pitiful watching him hobble around, but Patience said it’d happened before and he seemed alright until this afternoon, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Perry and Dewey didn’t seem to mind too much that they were missing their pasture-mate. I suppose that’s not really surprising, as they got along so well together so quickly. Well, that and the fact that they’d not been together all that long.

Smelling Fly Spray

Patience tries to control the flies in the barn with a timed-release fly spray. There are little boxes you put a can of fly spray in and every 15 minutes, somehow, the thing knows to spray the can and it puts out fly spray. You only have to replace the cans every 4 weeks. For the last three weeks, I thought this was great. It’s hands-off fly control. At least, that’s what I thought. The last couple of days, however, I’ve been learning the cons that come with such luxury. The smell gets all over and it’s all you can smell for quite some time. Only today did it really start to bother me.

Fairly late in the afternoon, I went to the tack room to get a drink from my water bottle, but when I put it to my lips, all I could smell was fly spray. At that point, I thought the fly spray had somehow wormed its way into my water bottle, so I decided I wasn’t going to drink anymore. It was near the end of the day and I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. After the morning was over (I had to work again this afternoon), I went to Tony’s house for lunch. Just when I was ready to leave, I borrowed Tony’s water bottle and since I was thirsty, I decided I wanted a drink. When I put that bottle to my lips, I smelled the fly spray again. By that point, I realized it wasn’t that fly spray had gotten into my water bottle, but that it was probably my face that smelled like it.

Even now I can smell it and I’ve taken a shower and washed my face twice. It’s really gross, but I don’t know what to do about it.