On the Other Hand

I took my car to my dad to get my oil changed and the lug nuts loosened (Dad said it must have been a baboon that put my car back together because I couldn’t get the oil cap off either). He sent me to the NAPA down the road to get some oil, a filter, and some Seafoam and since my car was on the lift so he could start draining out the oil, I had to take his car. Well, my car’s a manual and I’ve had it for working on three months. During that time, I’ve not had much time behind the wheel of automatics. So I got in the car and the first thing I do is fumble around for the clutch. And then I remember it’s not there. Then, I look near the floor to put the car in reverse, but his car is one of the ones that has it on the steering column. I got to the stop sign at the end of the road and I was looking for the clutch and gear shifter again. And driving the Lumina (Dad’s car) was really boring. The acceleration just isn’t there like it is in my car. *grin* I know, it’s bad. You don’t have to tell me that. Anyway, by the time I got back with all the stuff, it was really nice to be working with my dad on something and not having to rush or worry about being competent. I guess it helps I had a general idea of what I was doing. Whatever way you want to spin it, it was nice having the time to spend with him working on my car, even if it was simple stuff.


6 thoughts on “On the Other Hand

  1. Tony bought his car before he was really good at driving a manual and said he hated it for the first week. I got to get pretty good at it before I bought my car, so it wasn’t too bad for me. Either way, once you have it, you won’t ever go back.Let me know how to find you and I’ll check out your blog (Blogger tells me you don’t exist). Thanks for the compliment, by the way! :)Good luck with your car!

  2. I don’t use Blogger as I run my own website. I didn’t write the news engine that it runs on, but I designed the page, all the graphics and the layout and such. Only after I’ve completed it has blogging become popular enough to have *free* hosting services such as Blogger or WordPress. Figured eh? :)Anyway, my site can be located at: http://www.theexitwound.com and the entire 944 restoration can be found there as well. I’m learning a LOT about the mechanics of a car. I’ve always been excited to do my own repairs, but I never had to dive this deep into an engine before. But from the crankcase to the dashboard, I’m doing all of my own work, and learning a lot.Stay well!

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