The Barn

On Tuesday, I borrowed Tony’s camera and between needing to be at work for the morning/afternoon part and having to be there for the “night” feed (happens around 5) and took some pictures. I didn’t take a lot and there aren’t many (if any) that are any good, but you can get the general feel.

The main barn has eight stalls, but one of them is being used for a feed room to reduce the clutter in the tack room. When you go in the big door on the far right of the barn (the right of the picture), there are two stalls on your right, followed by the tack room and feed stall. On the left, across from the feed stall (right where the barn juts out in the front), there is a wash stall complete with cross-ties. Can’t go wrong there. Anyway, there are five more stalls – two on the left and three on the right. The aisle is concrete, but it’s fairly smooth, which makes it easier to sweep than the barn I worked at over Christmas (but there was a blower there).

The little barn is obviously just three stalls, but one of them is a “junk stall.” It could relatively easily be made into a usable stall, but it’s just being used for storage right now. This barn was delivered in the last couple of weeks and only yesterday (or was it Wednesday) was it made level. Patience has been pretty upset about that for all the time she’s had the barn. Anyway, that’s where Perry and Dewey (Dandy), the two colts live.

I don’t have any pictures of the colts yet, but the other horses are coming within a week. Maybe before too much time has gone by, I can get Tony to come and take some pictures for me, since he’s the master anyway (but I haven’t said anything to him yet).


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