Not Really New Trails

Yesterday, Tony, David, and I went hiking. We tried to avoid the heat and humidity, but didn’t succeed as well as we’d planned. When we got to the Ivy Creek Natural Area, we noticed they had a new topographical map, so we stopped to look. That’s when we saw something we’d never noticed before: the blue and purple trails. We usually take the red trail, which is the main trail that is the bare-bones loop, but we’d decided today we were going to do something different, so we figured, why not this? The purple trail was disappointing in that it was like a walk around the field, but the blue trail led down by the water, which was nice. This picture is from the main part of the trail, but I have a picture from the blue trail here.

Tony’s not very cooperative when you try to take his picture, but I got a pretty decent one of him yesterday. I was really happy with the way it turned out. The pictures I took of him and David together were fuzzy, though, which was sad. It was a combination of people not being cooperative (moving at the wrong time, the lighting not being right (too dark), and an unskilled photographer (that’d be me). It’s too bad Tony can’t take pictures of himself….


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