A New Pair of Headlights

Monday, when I was driving to work, it was really foggy, so most people had their headlights on. About five minutes from work, one person flashed their lights at me, so I started looking for a policeman. When I didn’t see one, I started to wonder. That curiosity only increased when at least two other people flashed their lights at me before I got to work. I could only think of one thing: my headlights. When I got to work, I looked, and sure enough, I was out a low-beam.

This afternoon, after doing the afternoon chores, I went to AutoZone (I’ve seemed to have the best luck getting people to consider me a person there) and bought a pair of headlights. I’ve never replaced a set of any kind of headlights before and it was a lot easier and a lot harder than I expected.

The easier part was that I didn’t need any of my tools, except for some kind of pointy object to get under one of the covers on my engine. It also wasn’t terribly difficult to get replace the bulbs. The hard part was getting to the bulbs. Toyota sure doesn’t make their cars easy to work in. I could barely get my hand in the engine compartment to get to the lights, much less see what I needed to to make sure I wasn’t going to break something.

Once I got the hang of things, though, things went much more smoothly and it took Tony and me working together (he did one side and I did the other) less than 10 minutes to go from opening the hood to closing it back up. And now I have two headlights that work, rather than just one.


One thought on “A New Pair of Headlights

  1. I had the same thing happen to me. It wasn’t until I had others telling me my front light was out did I notice. A quick 20-30 minute job and it was fixed!

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