Well, for the other excitement of the day, Dewey and Perry (the two I don’t have pictures of yet) managed to leave the pasture last night and went for a stroll to the neighbors’. If it weren’t so dangerous for the horses and hadn’t worried Patience so much, I would have enjoyed going to get them a lot more. It was something out of the ordinary and it kept me busy for a while. For the story in whole:

This morning when I got to the barn, the colts weren’t anywhere in sight. I figured they were just doing one of their somewhat usual disappearing tricks and they’d appear with time. After I got Rion in, I went for a brief look, but didn’t see them. Since I have to take Dakini and Bam through the Big Field, I was a little worried about the colts getting out when I took Dakini and Bam in, but since I didn’t see the colts, I didn’t figure there was a lot to worry about. I was right; the colts didn’t come back and sneak through the gate. I was getting a little worried, but I thought I’d get the mucking done, then go looking for them.

Just as I was getting back from dumping the Mule, Patience came down the fence and asked if I’d seen the colts. When I said I’d not, she said we were going to look for them immediately. She took over the Mule and we drove around looking at fence. Right at the end of the line, the whole fence was gone from one post to the next. Fortunately, in that direction is another farm (Southern Cross), so we went through the gate farther up the fence line. That farm is gorgeous and I wish I could have it, but Patience’s husband really wants it and Patience said she thinks that when it sells, it’ll go for over 5 million dollars. *gasp*

When we got to the Southern Cross barn, we saw the two colts in a little pasture. Patience talked to the lady who was cleaning the barn and after telling the lady we’d be back, we went back to Ravenswood (Patience’s farm) and got Anna to come and help us get the two escapees. Patience stayed and fixed a board that was down on the pasture the colts were in, while Anna and I started trekking back.

Anna was leading Dewey, who’s pretty much a chicken, and I had Perry, who doesn’t like to be alone. Once we got out of the barn yard, where both colts were extremely suspicious of everything, Perry and I were going first and we were crossing something that was less than a ravine at the bottom of two hills. I don’t really know what happened, but all of a sudden, Perry shoved into me and I kind of flew across the little ravine thing. Fortunately, I landed on my feet, but it was a little disconcerting. Other than that, there weren’t any incidents getting the two back home.

As we were walking (Anna got back in front of me after I got shoved), I was watching the way Anna was interacting with Dewey and it was like she was completely in control at all times. I don’t think I was ever in control and I was exhausted trying to keep one step ahead of Perry. I think I finally understand why people say *riding* a horse is exhausting mentally.


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