I talked to Patience today and asked if the offer she made when she first hired me of riding time was still open. She said it was and asked if I’d like to ride. I said yes and she asked if I had any pants to ride in. I told her I only had my jeans and she said we’d have to see if there were some britches I could wear in all the people at the barn because my jeans would rub. So, I guess I’ll be learning dressage now. I’ll be one of those people who knows a little of a lot of things, but not a lot of anything. I guess knowing a little of a lot of things will let me pick something I like with a lot of information. Whatever the case may be, I’m looking forward to learning, but I’m a little nervous. The things I hear from the ring are things I don’t know how to do (“push him forward a little on the hind,” “feel his back loosen up,” etc.).

Patience is really good at making someone feel good about themselves, though. She keeps on telling me how happy she is with the way I’m working. That makes me really happy.


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