Pictures, Weekend Plans

I guess it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, the “or not.” I really meant maybe you don’t care. But since I didn’t get them up….

This first one is a picture of the brushes. Anna cleaned them and when I went in that afternoon, it looked like a bunch of toys or candy or something. I didn’t really expect any of the pictures to turn out and this one is kind of bright on my screen, but it looks nice on Tony’s monitor.

Like I promised when I took the other pictures, here is a picture of Perry. Again, kind of bright on my computer, but not quite as much on his computer (I’m trying to get these up before Tony gets back because we’re going to play with all the camping stuff…more later). He’s very cute, isn’t he? Anna is in love with him. Anyway, he’s kind of a chicken when you try to mess with his head (on the outside, not the inside), but he’s really brave when you’re leading him from place to place.

This is Dewey. He’s very friendly and willing to let you touch his head. He’s not as good about going where you lead, but I suppose that’s something that will come with time and practice, just like Perry’s getting better about his head.

Now, about camping. Tony and I are planning on taking David and going camping off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. He borrowed some packs from people at work and we’re leaving tomorrow and not coming back until sometime Sunday. It should be interesting and I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping I won’t be holding everyone up, not really knowing what to expect and all that. Of course, if the weather tomorrow is like today’s, I don’t think any of us will be happy (it’s storming).


Crotch Rocket vs. Sedan

On my way to work, there is a left turn I’ve never been particularly fond of. This morning, I got about 1/8th of a mile away when I saw flashing lights – cops, ambulances, etc. I was curious, but not the mood to deal with it, so I kept driving, rather than turning. I took a quick glance as I drove by (I do know the dangers of rubbernecking) and saw that a crotch rocket had had a rather unexpected meeting with a sedan. I think the sedan won. What I think surprised me the most was that there was already a news camera there…. Anyway, I was late for work and some person (well, a couple of people) had a really rotten day.

Maybe tomorrow I can put up some pictures I took today. I managed to get a couple good ones of the babies. So you have that to look forward to, I guess. Or not, as the case may be.


Tony called not too long after I got to his house and said he was walking home, if I wanted to meet him. I crossed one street on the way to meet him and at that street, there was a Subaru that got there before I and went on. But the interesting thing about that Subaru was the kid in the back seat. He waved at me, so I waved back. I guess the world’s not lost after all. :)

A Lotus!

Tony, David, and I went hiking again today (Tony and I went yesterday). We finally found the trail we were looking for and I’ll put up pictures sometime soon, but that wasn’t the thing that most excited Tony (and he’s funny when he’s excited). He wants to get an Elise at some point in the future. Anyway, when we were driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway to get back home, he was passed by a Lotus (Exige, he thinks). The guy waved as he passed. That’s not the point either, though. We got to the last overlook before the end of the Parkway and decided to stop and look. There was the Lotus, parked in the parking lot! We stopped and the thing that struck me most about the conversation was the guy said he thought Tony was mad at him for passing him. Tony was so totally not mad it wasn’t even funny. At any rate, it was a really cool car and I’m being called to play cards. Sorry it’s short.