Long Hikes Turn into Long Days

Tony, David, and I went for a hike on the Blue Ridge Parkway yesterday afternoon. We planned one (kind of), but missed the parking area and had to drive for a couple of miles before finding a place to turn around. By that time, we decided we would just hike what looked like a fire road instead. It ended up being quite an adventure.

We walked for a while and were passed by some mountain bikers, but a little farther up the road, we caught up to them again (they were taking a break) and asked what they knew about the road. They said they didn’t know much about it, but that the path they were stopped next to went down to Lake Sherando. Tony thought it might be fun, so we started off.

The first sign we saw said it was four miles to Lake Sherando, so we started considering how long we would be walking. If it was four miles to Lake Sherando, we still had to walk along the Parkway back to the car. Quite a bit later, we came to an intersection that was marked. It said we’d come only a mile, but that to the right was a path that we’d seen when we were looking for places to hike. We thought it might be faster since it would come out between the car and Lake Sherando, so we took it. In less time than we (I at least) were expecting, we came upon the Parkway (after a branching off of a path, which we took).

Tony made a comment on the walk up the Parkway toward the car that today would be rough after having such an interesting hike. He wasn’t kidding. Actually, today was pretty boring, but I was really tired, even though I didn’t get to bed late. Fortunately, Patience didn’t offer to let me ride today like she suggested she might. I was way too tired. Maybe tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Pictures tomorrow from the hike or something if I can get my picture program back on my computer.


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