Riding the Silly Horse

Today I stayed at work pretty late because I was going to watch Anna ride Moo. Patience was working on the tractor and she’d said something about teaching me to drive the tractor. So once she got the piece of equipment moved, she told me about driving the tractor and had me move it around a little. Once I got done with that, she said that since Anna likely wouldn’t wear Moo out, I could ride a little as long as I had my britches and helmet. When I said I had both, she sent me to get them and put my britches on. I got back to the ring and watched Anna ride for a little while before she got off and Patience told Anna that she was in charge of my riding for the day and that she would watch.

Anna explained that really good dressage riders ride with really long stirrups, but that people generally start out with shorter ones. Then she sent me off so she and Patience could watch and see what there was to see. It was interesting because Patience could tell that I am left-handed because of the way my feet are when I ride. Something about the right toe being turned out farther than the left.

When they got done watching, Patience started telling me that I needed to sit up straighter. For some reason, my archenemy, looking down, didn’t show up much today, which was nice. And for some reason, sitting up straight wasn’t too hard either. Overall, I was really happy with the way things turned out. And Patience said after I was done that I can ride Moo whenever I want and he hasn’t already been worked too hard.


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