July Fourth Festivities

Tony, David, and I went to their parents’ house to celebrate the Fourth of July. At first, we were planning to go to the National Cathedral and watch the fireworks in D.C., but when Mrs. Aiello heard that it was supposed to storm, she decided (and we all agreed) that it would be nicer to stay at their house and just do things in their yard and completely miss the fireworks. They had boules and croquet set up and since there were 10 people there, it was a good thing there was a variety. I realize people like to sit around and talk, but sometimes people want to do things.

Oh, I guess I didn’t explain how 10 people could come of five, did I? Well, I guess that’s become my job. Tony’s parents and the three of us (obviously). Then, right before Tony, David, and I went to pick up their grandmother, some friends of their parents drove up – a family of four. So counting the three of us, the Aiellos, the family of four, and Mrs. Aiello (Tony and David’s grandmother), there were 10.

Back to the “entertainment.” Even better than boules and croquet, though, was toward the end of the evening, Mr. Aiello and Mr. Wilcox (the father of the family) got out guitars. Even though they didn’t play a song the whole way through while I was listening (they were working on getting through one), it was really nice to just sit and listen to them.


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