It’s Been Hot

It’s been really muggy here the last few days. Last night, I went to Aunt Denise’s house (she invited me for dinner) and we ate outside. It was nice other than how hot and humid it was. Aunt Denise’s friend Beth was there from Atlanta and had talked to her husband on the phone and he said it was cooler there than here. I guess I really ought not complain, considering the conditions in the West.

Then, today, Anna was riding and I thought about asking if it was alright if I rode Moo, but when she made a comment about it being brutal outside (I was in the barn most of the day…even if it is open, it’s shady), so I didn’t. I guess I should have known it was so hot since as soon as I went out of the barn, sweat started pouring down my face. I figure I’ll ask earlier tomorrow since it’s not supposed to be much cooler. I’ll do my work after I ride some…as long as Tanya doesn’t ride.


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