Summer Storms

Ok, I guess there can be storms of heat, which we’ve definitely had the last several days. But what I’m talking about is the kind of storm that you get in the middle of a summer day. Kind of intense, but doesn’t usually last very long. Today’s was more than kind of intense. It was intense. Back to the beginning, I guess, huh?

Anna and I were just finishing up the day at work when we saw some thunderheads had formed. I figured, “No big deal, just a summer storm.” Boy was I wrong. I decided to take the interstate because that doesn’t go through Pantops and I just didn’t feel like dealing with it today. By the time I got to the interstate, it was raining pretty hard and I was wondering if I shouldn’t just take 250. It led to Pantops, but I wouldn’t be on the interstate in all the rain.

I made the mistake of choosing to stick with my first choice (enough choices for you?) and take the interstate. It was the longest five miles I remember from Keswick to Pantops. We were driving at about 30 miles the whole way and couldn’t even see to the next hill or bend in the road. We passed people stopped under overpasses and I thought about joining them, but since the radio wasn’t talking about it, I had no idea what was going on and I didn’t want to be there for who knew what was coming. I guess it was kind of dumb, but it all turned out fine (minus a possibly black eye, but that’s coming). So I drove all the way to Pantops, but not before passing a tree that had fallen. Right before I went by, another tree came down on top of that one. I was glad there was a lane between the median and me. Still, I hugged the edge pretty tightly.

By the time I got to Pantops, I decided to get off (as did most of the people in line with me) and find somewhere to find out what was happening. I had forgotten there was a Hilton up there, so I wasn’t sure where I was going to go. I had to wait at the light to turn left (all the while the lightning was going crazy all around and the thunder followed suit).

By the time I got into the parking lot and parked my car, it was pouring, so I was going to make a dash for the door. Apparently, I’m not super observant. You know those lines people tie up to keep their trees up? Well, I smashed my forehead into one of those and I think I might have almost knocked myself out, because I know for sure I wasn’t walking (or running or whatever) in a straight line for a few steps after that (this is where the possible black eye comes in). I made it inside without too much trouble other than that, though.

By the time I got inside, I was pretty shaken up (I am not a fan of most storms, much less big ones). I was standing there wondering where their TV was, but when I found it, it was on ESPN, not some channel that would tell me about the weather. Shortly, I think it was one of the janitors, came up to me and started asking me questions about the weather outside. When I told him that it was really “exciting,” he seemed surprised. But mostly, I was grateful that he was making conversation with me. I didn’t exactly look like the type to be staying in a Hilton; my shirt was filthy and my jeans were definitely work jeans.

So that was my excitement for the day. Could have done with a little less, but would it have been worth writing about then? Maybe not.


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