Tony is going to dinner tonight with one of his friends (Patrick), which leaves David and me to find our own dinner. Tony’s going for sushi (his friend took us all out for dinner one night and he and Tony were the only ones who really enjoyed it, so they’re going alone this time). Patrick just got back from overseas and wants to tell Tony stories and I figure he wants to do it without company (which is fine with me…seems reasonable). Anyway, Tony’s gonna go have a good dinner and David and I are left here to scrounge for something for ourselves. That leaves a happy person here since I didn’t enjoy the sushi much (it’s something that I’m going to have to get used to), but I’m sad he’s going away, even if it’s just for this evening and I’ll see him again before the end of the day.

There were other, more exciting things, that happened today, but just in case someone from work ever reads, I won’t write them down.


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