A Lotus!

Tony, David, and I went hiking again today (Tony and I went yesterday). We finally found the trail we were looking for and I’ll put up pictures sometime soon, but that wasn’t the thing that most excited Tony (and he’s funny when he’s excited). He wants to get an Elise at some point in the future. Anyway, when we were driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway to get back home, he was passed by a Lotus (Exige, he thinks). The guy waved as he passed. That’s not the point either, though. We got to the last overlook before the end of the Parkway and decided to stop and look. There was the Lotus, parked in the parking lot! We stopped and the thing that struck me most about the conversation was the guy said he thought Tony was mad at him for passing him. Tony was so totally not mad it wasn’t even funny. At any rate, it was a really cool car and I’m being called to play cards. Sorry it’s short.


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