First Day of School

I remember it, but only vaguely. The first day (ever) of school. Got all dressed up and Mom took my picture right in front of the house. I don’t remember who took me to the bus stop, but I remember my bus driver scared me. Not because he was an evil person, but because he was new and he was big. After a long time, I got over being scared of him and actually came to like him a lot.

But that’s beside the point. Today was another first day of school. The first day of this semester. The first day of school after taking most of a semester and all summer off. The first day of full-time college at home. Whatever categories you want to put it in, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have all my books, but most of them are ordered.

I slept in this morning – the first time since starting my job…at least during the week (I’ve gone down to only working two days a week now). I got to the school about a half an hour before my first class, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be late. I don’t know my way around this school very well yet. But since I had so much time, I went to the bookstore and got the only book I couldn’t get online since it’s made “just for PVCC.” Whatever. I guess we’ll find out what that means. I glanced through it, but it looked awfully generic.

My first class this morning (history) was really boring. The whole syllabus bit without any lecture. My second class might have something, but since that’s the one class I don’t even have the books ordered for yet….


Monkeytown and Horseshoe Springs

Aunt Jane went out with one of the cowboys and his daughter on a loop around on of the pastures. She and Wayne were unsure that our horses could keep up. Since they’d be trotting the whole way, they were also a little worried about us. So Tony and I were going to take a ride out to one of the windmills to take pictures. At headquarters, which was about halfway there, we met up with Aunt Jane and the cowboy. She offered to take us to Horseshoe Springs, and since we were going to ask about taking a truck out to Monkeytown later in the day and we’d have a chance to drive by a windmill then, we agreed.

It was about 30 minutes out there from Headquarters. When we got there, we took a pit stop and water break. When we left, Aunt Jane asked if we wanted to go back the way we came, or try to find the path over the top. Since neither of us likes backtracking, we went over the top. That was a really cool ride, but we didn’t stop to take pictures. I think we were in a hurry because we were going to be late for lunch.

We took the Suburban to Monkeytown after lunch. On the way out there, we saw this hawk and since I was driving, Tony was doing all the picture taking (he said I had to make sure to let everyone know that this was his picture if I wanted to use it). He thought he’d not gotten anything, I think, but when we got back to the guest house and I loaded all the pictures on my computer, we saw this and were amazed.

Shortly after entering the canyon where Monkeytown was, we met up with a little group of geldings. We took a couple of pictures and drove on to the fence, took some pictures, turned around, and drove back toward where we’d seen the geldings. We decided to get out and climb one of the rock things nearby, but before we got there, the four geldings we’d seen before and some of their friends came up and decided to be friendly. I was surprised, but most of them let us get close enough to touch them and didn’t freak out when we took advantage of the opportunity.

We took a little time on the rock just chilling, but since we had to hurry for dinner, we tried not to waste too much time. But it was so nice being up there, knowing that there likely wasn’t anyone around.

Bloomin’ Cactus

Friday, Aunt Jane took Tony and me up Jane’s Butte on horseback. We got up there and I think we bored Aunt Jane with all the pictures we were taking along the way and once we got up there, but here she was getting ready to give Teddy (that’s the horse) a drink of water from Raven (the dog’s) portable water bowl. I waited until she stood up again to take another picture, but that one wasn’t as cool (in my opinion) as this one. Of course, this one turned out better that I’d expected so…. (Hint – it’s bigger on Picasa)

On our way down the butte, I saw this cactus in bloom. I don’t think we’d seen one in bloom yet, and if we had, we’d not been able to take a picture of it. So when we got to a flat enough spot that I could park my horse, I made Tony give me the camera and climbed back up for a picture. By the time I got up and back, I was even more grateful that the horses were doing all the work instead of me.

Riding Alone

Thursday was the first day Tony and I got to ride alone. Aunt Jane took Uncle Larry, Jack, and Daniel to town, and Katherine never once rode with us while we were there. So we decided to take the trip we’d made the first day, but with a camera so we could take some pictures.

We stopped at the arena at headquarters and rode our horses around a little. Someone is doing barrels, unlike last year. Crockett, Tony’s horse, was alright with them, but Paycheck, my horse was spooked by them. In this picture, I was trying to get him comfortable enough with the barrels to ride by them, but it didn’t work. So Paycheck and I gave up on the arena and rode in the round pen that was adjoining the arena.