Going West

Last night, Tony and I drove to his parents’ house, where we spent the night before getting up this morning at 5:00 to get to the airport in time for our 7:30 flight. His parents were kind enough to get up and drive us to the airport.

Last night, we were going to do the online check-in. When we did, we realized that the seats we’d asked for had not been saved as you didn’t get your seats until you signed in. We were two rows apart in the middle, which meant that likely no one was going to want to trade with us. When we got to the airport, Tony managed to somehow talk the people into getting us two seats nearer the front of the airplane that were together. Something about people having not signed in yet.

We went to Gate Z6, which is where the light up signs said we were supposed to go. At about 7:00, the speaker intercom thing said we were supposed to get up and move to Gate Z7. It wasn’t that far away, so I’m not really sure why people were groaning, but they were.

We got on the plane and are currently an hour into the flight. I don’t really fly, so the take-off (which is the worst part) was not exactly fun…for Tony or me.

I’m posting this in the Phoenix airport when we land, though, since I can’t exactly do it from here. There won’t be any more posts until I get back.


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