Sunday morning, I woke up at 4:30 local time and couldn’t manage to fall back asleep, so I got up and cleaned up my room (which I left a mess the previous night). Less than an hour later, Tony knocked on my door…he’d gotten up pretty early too. Maybe because we both are on such a schedule of getting up and going to bed…or maybe because the light there arrives earlier (as the whole of Arizona does not follow Daylight Savings Time). Anyway, about 6:00, we went up one of the hills near the house. We kind of wanted to get to the top, but got so distracted by the pictures we could take (which, other than just being nice to be out, was the main reason we were out running around), that we didn’t make it to the top. On our way back down (to be in time for riding), we met up with Jack, who was out wrangling. After exchanging pleasantries, we all continued on our ways.

Sometime during the day we were outside and I saw a little orange butterfly. Tony said it was a monarch and we should take pictures (or maybe the story really is that I wanted pictures…I don’t remember), so I ran and got Dad’s camera to try to take pictures of it. I thought I missed a bunch, but it turns out, one of my pictures was really clear and the butterfly had his wings out (which was my goal). That made me happy.

After riding and before dinner, Jack and Daniel were out shooting. They had a couple of guns out, but since I don’t know much about guns, I’m not going to try to describe them. In any case, while Tony and I were swimming, Daniel came up to the side of the pool and said if we were interested, we could join them. So we did. The gun only Jack shot was really loud (even with ear protection) and since that was the only one I heard for a while, I wasn’t sure I wanted to shoot at all (I’d expressed interest to Tony, but no one else, I think). After everyone else had had a chance on the smaller, quieter gun, they offered it to me. In spite of being fairly sure of the answer, but I asked how loud it was. Once they assured me it wasn’t as loud as the one Jack shot, along with various other things they thought should be a concern to me, I didn’t worry too much. Anyway, after a few practical tips for shooting the gun, I took a shot. That was a lot of fun. I think after that, I took three more shots before my forearm started to hurt (from supporting the gun…we were laying down). There were a few more shots from Jack with his huge gun before I realized I’d been shooting with the wrong eye (I had learned that much from Mom). I told Tony and I tried again with my other eye (everyone was taking a second turn). I was shooting at a different target, so I don’t know if it was any better, but I felt more comfortable with my other eye by that point, so for the last three (?) rounds, I shot with the eye I’d been using in the first place.


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