Bloomin’ Cactus

Friday, Aunt Jane took Tony and me up Jane’s Butte on horseback. We got up there and I think we bored Aunt Jane with all the pictures we were taking along the way and once we got up there, but here she was getting ready to give Teddy (that’s the horse) a drink of water from Raven (the dog’s) portable water bowl. I waited until she stood up again to take another picture, but that one wasn’t as cool (in my opinion) as this one. Of course, this one turned out better that I’d expected so…. (Hint – it’s bigger on Picasa)

On our way down the butte, I saw this cactus in bloom. I don’t think we’d seen one in bloom yet, and if we had, we’d not been able to take a picture of it. So when we got to a flat enough spot that I could park my horse, I made Tony give me the camera and climbed back up for a picture. By the time I got up and back, I was even more grateful that the horses were doing all the work instead of me.


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