First Day of School

I remember it, but only vaguely. The first day (ever) of school. Got all dressed up and Mom took my picture right in front of the house. I don’t remember who took me to the bus stop, but I remember my bus driver scared me. Not because he was an evil person, but because he was new and he was big. After a long time, I got over being scared of him and actually came to like him a lot.

But that’s beside the point. Today was another first day of school. The first day of this semester. The first day of school after taking most of a semester and all summer off. The first day of full-time college at home. Whatever categories you want to put it in, it doesn’t matter. I don’t have all my books, but most of them are ordered.

I slept in this morning – the first time since starting my job…at least during the week (I’ve gone down to only working two days a week now). I got to the school about a half an hour before my first class, but I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t be late. I don’t know my way around this school very well yet. But since I had so much time, I went to the bookstore and got the only book I couldn’t get online since it’s made “just for PVCC.” Whatever. I guess we’ll find out what that means. I glanced through it, but it looked awfully generic.

My first class this morning (history) was really boring. The whole syllabus bit without any lecture. My second class might have something, but since that’s the one class I don’t even have the books ordered for yet….


3 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Good Luck in College! Don’t make the mistakes (that I) made.If you have any doubt as to what you really want to learn about, or do, after going through it, get the answers now.Most colleges provide some assessments that can point you towards your strengths and greatest interests…The first 2 years are fairly generic and apply to all majors, or at least 75% of the learning does…Sorry I haven’t been by your blog…But as you are likely aware, my life is not a hell you would want to associate with.Given the ‘net, you must be careful as to whatever your feelings are. And sometimes, whom you comment toward. (But I saw you stopped by…so I returned the favor.)You got a good path — just stick to it. It may not always be filled with excitement, but that is sometimes a path noteworthy for not taking.Best success!

  2. Jaypeefreely, thanks for the comment and don’t worry about having not “been by.” That’s not why I comment. I’m not even so much worried about looking for “excitement” as finding it in the things that happen in my everyday life. Good luck to you too.Manictastic, thanks for your comment too. I’m not too upset about being back in school. Gives my brain something to play with. :) I’ve been off for more than the summer, so I guess it’s time to stop slacking off.

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