Three Motherboards in Two Years

Not only that, but two in less than two weeks. I think I am doomed to kill motherboards. My Dell (my first laptop), I managed to fry the motherboard while trying to get the place where the power adapter plugs into the computer to work (it wasn’t charging). I bought my Mac right before I went to school and when I got there and found out I had to have Windows, I got my IBM. Anyway, I guess about a week ago, I went back to Tony’s house and tried to get on my IBM (I forget why I was going to use that rather than my Mac), but it wasn’t even charging. So Tony took it to work to make sure it wasn’t the adapter (which it wasn’t), so last I heard, he figures it is the motherboard. Then my Mac started having kernel panics like crazy and he figures (again, last I heard) it’s the motherboard. I’m going to send it back to Apple when I can figure out how to get in touch with them to send it back and see if they can do anything for me. If they can’t, I guess I’m out of luck, ’cause I can’t afford to buy a new computer. Fortunately, Tony’s got his desktop, but other than that…. And since this is his primary computer…. Guess we get to fight over it. He’ll win.


3 thoughts on “Three Motherboards in Two Years

  1. That totally sucks. I fried up a laptop earlier this year. I had power adapter problems, fixed that, then the screen just cut out. It was a six year old laptop, so, it was a glorified paperweight for most other techies. For me, it was doing enough to help me write a baseball book.Luckily i backed up the project.Hope you get your stuff worked out.

  2. It did suck, but Apple pretty much put a new brain in the body of my computer. That was really great. And it didn’t cost me a thing, which was even better than just getting my computer back.Must have been a relief for you to have backed up your stuff. I didn’t really have anything new on my computer since my last backup…that was good too.

  3. Anytime you can get something for free, that is a lovely experience.I had about 850 songs from CDs I owned (then sold) I had put on the hard drive. Some software that would take awhile to track down again…but whenever i get a new laptop, I’ll move that stuff around to it, hopefully.How’s school???

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