Quick Update

I got a comment not too long ago asking about school. I know I’ve been gone a while, so I guess I’ll write now while I’m between two papers.

We are in the middle of midterms. The paper I turned in this morning was the midterm for my history test. We had a 60 question multiple choice test, then a 1200 page take-home paper (we had a week to write it). I just barely got an “A” and I don’t know how this paper I just turned in is. When I printed it, I looked over it and saw some things I would’ve liked to change, but I didn’t have time. Anyway, that’s done and my teacher said by next Friday we should get them back.

The next paper that’s due is due Monday (at least I’ve got the weekend) for literature. It is supposed to be preparation for our midterm paper in there. It’s a response to one of the pieces we’ve read and I know which piece I want to write on, but I don’t quite know how to write the paper. I’m talking to my teacher about that this afternoon.

My French class midterm was yesterday. I didn’t get to study for that as much as I would have liked as I was working on my paper for my history class. But I think I did alright. Nothing worse than a “C,” I think. And since it’s only 10% of the grade, I’m not too concerned if it is a “C.” Some of the more important things like attendance and doing the work I’ve done fine on. But there’s not really any one part of the class that can make or break a person as far as the grade is concerned.

My orientation class is almost over. Tomorrow is the last class. I’m really excited and not the least bit concerned about my grade. My teacher has been horribly boring. We took a tour of the other building yesterday and there was some lady who was taking us around (not our teacher). One of the girls was talking to her and said that our teacher is a “typical Latin teacher,” whatever that means. Anyway, enough teacher-bashing. The point is, tomorrow is the last class and I can’t wait. We have a final to do, but at least half of it is only whether or not we did it and how much thought we put into the answers. It’s not about right or wrong. That’s nice.

Now, I should get back to work before I lose too much time babbling.