Bogged Down

It’s been a while because school has been really hectic. I guess I should take this time to make some blog posts in advance, but since I base my posts on what is happening at the time, that doesn’t really make sense, which is too bad. Then maybe I wouldn’t leave you hanging for a month thinking I’m dead or something.

The last month, I’ve had three papers due. One in history, which was to act as a part of my midterm grade. That was due toward the beginning of October. My next paper, due a week later, was an in-depth reading and response to a story or poem we’d read before the paper was assigned (for my literature class, of course). That wasn’t too hard. My last paper was due two weeks after the second paper. That was to be a research paper on some piece we’d read for class (also for literature, of course). That paper was a challenge, especially since I changed my topic about three days into the paper. We were supposed to be working on it pretty much the whole semester, but being as I had the other papers and plenty of other homework, I didn’t start it until after the first literature paper was due.

In all that time, I didn’t shake off my French homework and even managed to get my first “A” on a test. I was really pleased with that and even managed to make it a trend, getting really nice grades on the two other tests I’ve had since.

My orientation class is over, but I still don’t know what I ended up with in that class. The girl who was in that class who is also in my history class is worried about her grade because a boy at her table managed to fail (I don’t know how he found out), but she said he likely didn’t do his homework.

As far as work is concerned, nothing interesting (as far as hours) is going to happen until Thanksgiving week, when I get to basically put in all the hours I want because Miranda is going to be on vacation. My Christmas break is the same way, which makes me really happy, since I need to put tires on my car.

As far as horsey news at the barn, Flambeau left, Lorie came back, and the babies got moved out of the little barn. Patience got it leveled and now we are working (slowly) on putting mats in there so we can have proper stalls. She’s really looking forward to that and I’m wishing I had more time to stay at work to help get it done (I wouldn’t complain about having a little extra money…who would?). Dakini’s been really lame. She managed to pop a splint (an inflammation between two bones in the leg)…well, something more like two of them…on the same leg. Also, Wednesday, the farrier discovered she was developing an abscess (inflammation in the foot). So she’s out of work for a while. Rion still manages to lock up his patella on occassion.


2 thoughts on “Bogged Down

  1. Well, you do keep busy writing for classes. At least your French is going well…If I don’t get back by, Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Hope you don’t have to fly, or you’ll be sorry for the attempt.)

  2. School is going really well grade-wise. Other than that, it’s interesting on the days I feel like being there (rarely) and the rest of the time, it’s pretty boring.Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I’m not flying. I fly as little as I can. Which is about once a year, lately.

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