Cozy and Warm

Imagine: sitting on a couch with your best friend at the other end. You’re both doing work (or supposed to be). You have a warm computer on your lap and a nice, large cup of tea on the table next to you. You look out the window and see clouds that look heavy with snow (though you know it’s not cold enough for it to snow). There’s no fire, but you don’t really mind (that would take work). Your feet are covered by a warm blanket and everything seems alright with the world.

You’ve fairly well imagined my world right now.


4 thoughts on “Cozy and Warm

  1. Sounds like a great scenario to be in, except if I was with my best friend, we’d think it would be really gay and weird. Ah… snow. Nothing is as relaxing. It’s too bloody hot down here.

  2. I guess that would make things less nice. Snow would be nice, but Charlottesville isn’t exactly snow central. Kind of too bad, but I don’t really have a car to get around in it anymore.

  3. Tracy, I’m glad that you can find contentment in the “normal” things of life, and don’t need to be constantly entertained. It makes happiness easier to find!

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