Paper After Paper

Okay, I like to write. Well, I like to dabble. I never actually finish anything (except on occasion these little posts, but that’s easy because they’re short and if I don’t like them, I can change them later). Papers for school are, of course, different. I finish them, but only because I have to. I only turn them in because I have to. If I could, I’d keep them and revise them and revise them and revise them. Then, there are other papers that I just wouldn’t write. Like the English paper I just finished. I wouldn’t have finished it if it weren’t for the deadline. And I just barely made it for the deadline. I’m not kidding. I didn’t leave as early as I wanted because I was still writing my paper. Then, when I tried to print it, it wouldn’t print because Tony’s printer was out of ink. The printers at school aren’t free, or I would have been there. The library’s not free. Tony was at work getting ready to go laser tagging (yes, that’s a new verb…it’s mine, so don’t steal it). I quickly e-mailed my paper to myself and drove over there hoping he hadn’t left yet (he works less than five minutes from his house). He was just getting ready to leave when I got there and he took the time to help me print my paper. Then I was even later and starting to wonder if I’d make it in time. I was praying the lights would be in my favor (they generally weren’t). But I made it just in time. And I met one of my classmates in the hall and he said our teacher wasn’t either of the places he’d expected, but I guess he’d not heard the part about puttng the papers in her box. At any rate, I got there about five minutes before time and she wasn’t there. I guess I could have had about five more minutes, but it’s better I was there when I was. My paper’s not as good as I would have liked, but I suppose for all my procrastinating, that’s what I get. And that’s one more class that’s done. Now I just have to write a paper for history and study for my exam and I’ll be done. Hooray for Christmas Break.


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