Do I Have an Advisor?

I had my last final today. After I finished my exam, I went to the information desk to ask them for my advisor’s phone number, as she’s not written me back (I e-mailed her about a month ago and I e-mailed her early yesterday morning). It turns out she doesn’t work there. I ended up going to counseling, where the man I talked to said I needed to go to the welcome center (a separate place from the information desk). So I went to the welcome center and asked for the woman I was sent to see. The woman at the desk said that she was really busy until January. I decided that was not enough time to make a schedule, so I explained that I was wanting to talk to someone about making a schedule. The woman asked if I was looking to be assigned a new advisor and I shrugged and said I guessed so (since no one told me what I was doing except going up to the welcome center and asking for a certain lady). Finally, it all got straightened out. The woman I talked to said someone would likely call me within a week. I figure if I don’t hear from them, I’m going to go back to the guy I talked to last semester who helped me choose classes to take, since he was so helpful. Overall, I can’t say it was a bad experience (as a matter of fact, it was kind of fun), but it’s kind of amazing to me that there are so many places that are so specialized, they can’t help you instead of sending you three different places. It happened when I was thinking about getting an ID too. Kind of amazing.


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