ITE 119 and ENG 210

I went to the school the other day to get some stuff straightened out. I found out online that I can do a test-for-credit for the ITE 119 class. So I asked one of the people at the counseling office about it. He said it would be more than 10 times cheaper to take the test than to take the class. I’m doing the “practice” questions online and they are really dumb. More of the stuff we’ve done in ENG 111 and 112, as well as all the stuff we did again in SDV 100 last semester.

I was looking at the transfer information for UVa and saw they require people who took ENG 111 and 112 as dual enrollment classes to take ENG 210. I thought I might count for that since I took both of those classes when I was in high school. It turns out it only counts if you were actually in the high school when you took the class. Since I took them at Piedmont and JSR, it doesn’t matter (for some reason).

In other words, I’ll be able to take more classes that I want to take (or avoid taking some classes altogether). I don’t have to replace the ITE class with any classes, but I have to find some arts/humanities class to replace the ENG 210. I’m sure I can find something interesting. The only question is, which something will it be? There are too many choices.


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