A New Semester

This semester started off with a bang…of excitement. And not the kind the gets you in trouble.

For the first 30 minutes of math class, I was thoroughly bored. My teacher explained everything on the syllabus much more thoroughly than any other teacher I’ve ever had (to the point of excessive explanation). At the same time, there were things that people had to ask questions about because he’d skipped them. At any rate, it seems like it will be a good class, though like I told Tony last night, I’m really bad at telling until about halfway through the semester.

My economics class on the other hand is going to be terrific. My teacher strongly encourages (even nearly forces) class involvement. I’m quiet in my classes, but when a teacher asks me something (or to do something), I’ll answer (or do it). So I think this class, other than being a really good class in terms of how much I learn about economics is also going to be good for getting me a little more involved in my class (at least this class).

My psychology class should be a lot more interesting than the one I started at Morrisville. The teacher at Morrisville wanted us to memorize people and write papers and do all sorts of other things, but my teacher here has only four tests and no other assignments other than to completely understand the material presented to us. In other words, basically making our own study style. It seems to me like that will be really nice. I won’t have to write any papers in APA format and that kicked my butt last time I took psychology.

My French class is nothing new. There are a few new people in my class, which I guess will make it interesting. We got right to work, which was a little rough for me because I’m a little rusty, but it wasn’t too bad.

I’m really looking forward to this semester. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.


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