Political Rant

I’m sure everyone has a political rant on their blog. I’m going to join them. And I’m not supporting any one candidate or other in this rant. Just so that’s out of the way. And now, on the rant.

It irritates me that all the candidates are acting as if running for president is the most important thing they’ll ever do for the American people. Sure, they say they want to represent us; I’ve become cynical. Look at their voting records (VoteSmart is linked on the side) in the Senate (at least, McCain’s, Clinton’s, and Obama’s). They haven’t voted on much of anything since they started their race for the candidacy.

Why do they think we care about their race if they are not going to take care of the responsibilities they have now? They were elected to the Senate to represent us. Now there are three states that are not being represented by their delegates. They are being shortchanged. And it’s just because they want more. More power? More prestige? I don’t know and, to be perfectly honest, I don’t really care. It’s stupid and I object. But what can I, one person do? Nothing. So I sit here and whine and complain, but nothing happens. Oh, I forgot to mention, they get paid really well to represent us, but they’re running around the country saying they want to be President. So if they want something more than President when they get there, are they going to leave us in a bind?

Of course, Romney was the most obnoxious, saying things like his sons were serving the country by helping him get elected, rather than enlisting in some division of the armed forces. What??! How much more ridiculous can you be?


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