Lunar Eclipse

Most everyone probably knows about the lunar eclipse last night. Tony let me borrow his camera to take a picture last night. His lens isn’t exactly top choice for taking pictures of things that far away (if you want better star type stuff, go to Blackholes and Astrostuff). But I tried my luck and was pleasantly surprised. The picture is really small, but it doesn’t look too bad for a little bitty lens not intended for taking pictures of the moon.


2 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse

  1. Good pic! Liked your political rant post. Yes, it seems that when they get busy running for Prez, the rest of their ‘responsibilities’ go in the crapper!The problem is simple: no one is really good enough to be president. Those that want it are too ambitious for the average person. They are propped up by political machines. And we really can never know all that is what they believe in. We all think we could do better – at least in the deepest parts of our hearts – yet, no one else thinks so, that really has the pull or opinion to make it so.If you don’t vote, you’re labeled a slacker and have no right to complain, since you didn’t choose. Yet, when people voted for whatever candidate, how many new what the candidate would actually do? How much was given to you via a 2nd or 3rd hand source, who might have ulterior motives in getting ‘your’ vote?I should have posted this on the political post, but I think you understand where we are in this process pretty darn well. You wrote a good piece.

  2. Thanks for the compliment and the well-thought out response. Part of it also might be that the people who would be best to be president aren’t interested in the job.

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