Going for a Drive

I love my car. Today after work, I went for a drive. There are lots of roads out near the barn that I’ve not gone very far on before. A few months ago, I looked one of them up on an online map and found that it led somewhere I would recognize if I wanted to go in a loop instead of out and back. Today I took that road and it was a lot of fun. On the way out, I was going the speed limit and no one was in front of me or behind me. I got out to the road that was to make part of my loop and decided it was too straight and turned around. Unfortunately, I got stuck behind a truck doing 10 under the speed limit. He slowed me down on a couple of turns before I had a chance to pass him. But I can now say I’ve passed someone on a two lane road (it wasn’t all that exciting). The end came up a lot sooner going back, which was sad, but since I was supposed to be picking Tony up from work, I couldn’t complain too much. And I got out before the storm came, so my tires stuck to the road like they’re supposed to.


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